1. 3C Avant Garde Talent Show, 2017

Avant Garde is a program where formerly 3C Club members who have completed high school are enrolled to continue with the fight and creating awareness about cancer. Like every other year, we shall have the Avant Gardes showcase their talents in an event which aims


2. The 3C Annual Childhood Cancer Conference, 2017
On the 25-26 th August, 2017 we will have the second Annual Childhood Cancer Conference at Gayaza High School where we expect to see young people air out their views about cancer management. The we hope that in this year’s Conference we shall have many young people discuss with decision makers and implementers about cancer.


3. St Mary’s College Kisubi Cancer Run, 2017
The students from St Mary’s College Kisubi 3C/Haca Club on 17 th June, 2017 organized a cancer run atthe school. The aim was to raise funds to build a playground for kids suffering from cancer at the Uganda Cancer Institute. The event was graced with the presence of Rt Hon. Speaker of Parliament Dr. Rebecca Kadaga who was the chief runner, the Director of Uganda Cancer Institute Dr. Jackson Orem and other members of Parliament who also made contributions towards the cause.


4. The 3C Club Launch in Moroto District, 2017
On the 5 th of June, the 3C team travelled again to Moroto districts to officially launch the 3C Clubs they had started in the different schools. In functions filled with excitement from the team and the students, 3C clubs were officially launched at St Daniel Combouni, Kangole Girls SS, and Moroto high school.

We later paid a courtesy visit to the 3C Club at St Elizabeth Girls SS, Kidetok and found great projects that had been started by the students. The club started vegetable growing projects and they use the vegetables in school meals to improve their diet. They also educating the masses in the neighboring community about cancer.


5. 3C Patrons Annual Workshop, 2017
On the 10 th May, 2017 we hosted the patrons of the 3C cubs from the various schools. During the meeting, we educated the patrons about cancer, empowered them with management skills and also planned with them on what activities they thought the clubs would engage in.


6. Moroto, Matanyi – 3C Visit, 2017
On the 15 th of March together with Dr James Kafeero from Uganda Cancer Institute, we visited the schools of Moroto District to educate and create cancer awareness among the students. This trip aimed at starting the 3C clubs in the schools.We visited the schools in Matanyi like Kangole Girls SS, St Daniel Combouni SS where we educated the students about cancer.
In Moroto town we visited Moroto High School where we met with over 800 students who we educated about cancer and also interested them in having the 3C club in the school. By the time of our departure, all the three schools had already voted their executive committees that would run the 3C clubs in their schools.


7. International Childhood Cancer Day, 2017
On the 15 th of February, 2017 we joined the rest of World in celebrating the Childhood Cancer Day. Together with Uganda Cancer Society and the Uganda Cancer Institute we took lead in celebrating this day.
UCCF acted a skit to demonstrate lack of knowledge about cancer in Uganda. The skit also encouraged people to seek early screening and diagnosis. Kawempe Home Care and the rest of the society shared basic needs.


8. World Cancer Day, 2017
Uganda Child Cancer Foundation on the 4 th of February, 2017 joined the rest of Uganda Cancer Society and the world in commemorating the World Cancer Day. The event started off with a match around Mulago and through Wandegeya. Esther Nanziri, a 3C member from Gayaza High School recited a Poem during the official ceremony which was held at the Fred-Hutch Uganda Cancer Institute facility compound. Hon. Minister of Health Dr. Ruth Jane Acheng, the guest of honor and pledged government’s committed to working with the Uganda Cancer Institute and civil society to fight cancer in Uganda. We shared fruits, basics and other necessities with the cancer patients.


9. The Cancer Patients Day, 2016
The Cancer Patient Day is an event that is held each year in December and is hosted at the Uganda Cancer Institute premises. This event sees 3C members from the various schools come and share Christmas time with the children suffering from cancer. On 15 th December, 2016 the 3C Club members from Mt.St Marys Namagunga shared a light moment with the children in an event filled with dances, shading, face painting, eating and various games. The event was crowned with cake cutting.


10. 3C Annual Childhood Cancer Conference, 2016
The Uganda Child Cancer Foundation this year initiated the 3C Childhood Cancer Conferences. The purpose of this is to give the young people a platform where they are to air their voices on issues regarding cancer control management and control.
The first Conference was hosted by Kings College Budo on the 10 th of December, 2016. Various schools were represented by the 3C club members and they got to share their ideas with the Director Uganda Cancer Institute, Commissioner for Education among other guests. The guest of honor, the state minister for Primary Health Care Dr. Joyce Moriku pledged to keep supporting the young people in the fight against cancer.