Through our 3C program, we have reached 50,000 young people directly with awareness and Education about cancer and supported over 3,000 children with cancer in last 10 years in the Uganda cancer Institute alone.

 We have established a strong relationship with Uganda Cancer Institute, many organizations in and outside Uganda and schools in the country to build understanding, networks, and partnerships with key issues about cancer care.

We have also managed grants on behalf of Uganda Cancer Society and some research projects within the Uganda Cancer Institute, to the tune of $250,000

Established 3C (Children Caring about cancer) Clubs in 40 Schools around Uganda,

We also started the Cancer awareness and Education TV Drama show called CROSSROADS, which is in the literature review stage with the view of rolling it out in the next 5 years.




Since being established in 2006, we have accomplished many things of which we are very proud. Some of our recent initiatives and achievements have included:



Partnering with Project Have Hope to create the “Hope Cures” collection – a line of handcrafted bracelets, colour-coded to promote awareness of specific types of cancer.

Launch of the Health Literacy Campaign, in conjunction with the Community Health And Information Network and other health organizations, to educate communities about a variety of health-related issues and to promote understanding of healthcare options and information


We are supporting four cancer survivors through their high school and Technical Education Establishment of the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) program, which engages hospital staff and caregivers in a forum focusing on the fundamentals of child survival in the hospital setting.  We help them understand proper sanitation practices and how to prevent the spread of diseases. We also advocate to the health institution to install sanitation facilities.
Partnering with other health organizations to host the Patients Solidarity Day in December 2011, bringing together patients, care-takers and patient organizations to promote patient-centered health care Establishment of our outreach program, through which we have hosted twenty youth and community outreach workshops

Representing the Uganda Cancer Society during the Cancer Regional Summit (role of Advocacy in Cancer Control and Management) held in Nairobi, Kenya in November 2011  


The launch of the Children Caring about Cancer (3C) program in 2011, in collaboration with the Uganda Cancer Institute. This is a forum through which children and young people can interact and work together towards fighting cancer, fundraising and promoting awareness in their communities. We have  now opened cancer clubs in over 30 schools around Ugandaa.